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Cream tea, scones butter and creamHere at the Home Front Tea Room we want you to enjoy fine food and beverages in lovely 1940s surroundings.  We offer a range of hot and cold drinks, tasty treats and light bites.  We have seasonal variations, specials and offers so visit the Home Front Tea Room for a more comprehensive menu.



We serve sandwiches, including spam, corned beef and other popular fillings, jacket potatoes and items on toast, pilchards being our best seller. Our tasty treats include jelly, fruit cocktail or peaches with either ice cream, custard or evaporated milk. We also serve scones, crumpets and teacakes, 17 different teas, various coffees including camp coffee, Ovaltine and Bovril. Our range of cold drinks include Lemon Barley water, Vimto cordial, Tizer and lashings of Ginger Beer.

Shop owner Kim showing a selection of cakes